Riverview Manor’s multi-professional staff have the expertise, skills and experience to cater for the unique and diverse therapeutic needs of our clients. Our focus is holistic and integrative and adapted to the needs of our clients. We endeavour to facilitate a process of empowerment that utilises our clients’ strengths, motivation and willingness to recover. Focus is given to the physical, psychological, emotional, social, relational and spritual needs of our clients. We ensure a comprehensive medical assessment, screening and detoxification. The consultant psychiatrist, general practitioner, psychologists, occupational therapist, dietician and professional nurses work together as a multi-disciplinary team.

The team of clinical psychologists have the privilege of walking alongside our clients on the road to recovery. This is a relationship of trust, unconditional acceptance, mutual respect and a working alliance that is encouraged in individual sessions, in which each client is validated as a unique individual. The specific challenges of each client are brought into the individual psychotherapy space with appropriate approaches being applied for specific problems including depression, stress, addiction and eating disorders.

psychologists have the privilege of walking


Alongside individual psychotherapy, professionally facilitated group interaction offers a safe and therapeutic space for clients to learn through constructive dialogue with other clients. We have found that the group therapy space can be a profoundly healing experience for many of our clients and has been a space in which our clients can process their recovery.

Dealing effectively with difficulties of addiction, depression, eating disorders and stress takes time, understanding and patience, therefore Riverview Manor offers an intensive four to eight week program to equip each client with the skills and strategies to manage specific challenges and difficulties. The intensive program is viewed as a means for clients to gain and practice skills, knowledge and strategies in a healing environment that can be implemented as the client re-connects with his or her life.


Dealing effectively with difficulties of addiction


Professionally facilitated life skills training is a crucial part of the program that assists clients in recovery to a functional and more rewarding life. Through developing communication skills, assertiveness and relationship skills, clients are equipped to better deal with stress. By enhancing coping skills, clients who are overcoming addictive behaviour, depression or anxiety difficulties can regain control over their lives and move back into life with new capacities and resources.

A healthy diet and lifestyle are crucial in any program of recovery and our professional dietician works with individual clients, formulating a specific meal plan for each client where needed. In particular, the professional dietician works actively and alongside clients with eating disorders.

The Atmosphere

We offer treatment for:

Therapies  Alcohol Abuse
Therapies  Anorexia
Therapies  Anxiety
Therapies  Binge Eating
Therapies  Burnout
Therapies  Bipolar Disorder
Therapies  Bulimia
Therapies  Depression
Therapies  Drug Addiction
Therapies  Dual Disorders
Therapies  Overeating
Therapies  Gambling Addiction
Therapies  Self Harm
Therapies  Stress
Therapies  Substance Abuse
Therapies  Trauma
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Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic
Although Riverview Manor does not run a strictly Halaal kitchen - we do make every effort to cater for our Muslim clients. Our staff are well trained and informed about islamic foods. We accept pre-cooked frozen meals from the Client’s family, stored and we reheat it separately.
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