Testimonials and Feedback

Riverview Manor

South Africa’s Premier Specialist Clinic

3 June 2020
Wonderful – absolutely the best decision I could have made – on my way to healing with all the tools I received from RVM. Definitely recommend to anyone. – Cornel

3 June 2020
It is a balanced approach to recovery/change. The programme helps a lot and the environment with walks and weekend outings brought the child back to me. I was able to know and befriend myself again and I am able to hope again for a great future.

3 June 2020
I am a changed person leaving here – a better one I might add.

3 June 2020
The experience was like, a team of people understanding each other, pulling together to the common goal, which was exactly what should be happening
– Samuel

3 June 2020
I found a sense of security, camaraderie and real people, who were open and easy to talk to. The experience was great, I’m sad to be leaving.
– Willian

3 June 2020
A safe and professional environment to be in. I felt all my needs were met to the utmost
– Renette

3 October 2019
I really enjoyed it – top notch place – will come back anytime. “Any jobs for me here?”
– Karl

1 July 2019
The programme is exceptionally good and effective. Especialy to me, as I was open to healing.
– Nolundi

I have during my lifetime experienced & observed a lot of nurses practicing their skills. With no doubt all the nursing staff were of the highest standard. The compassion and interaction between client and nurse was extraordinarily good. They are the best! Thank you.
– Colin

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