Self Assessment

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Self Assessment

The following self-assessments are designed to assist clients in recognising the signs and symptoms of addiction/dependency, eating disorders, and depression.

Eating Disorders
  • Have you ever eaten large amounts of food in a relatively short period of time?
  • Do you induce vomiting to try to get rid of food you have eaten, or to try to control your weight?
  • Do you comfort eat?
  • Have you ever severely restricted your food intake to a liquid diet or a fast?
  • Have you used diet pills, laxatives or diuretics to control your weight?
  • Have you used excessive exercise to control your weight?
  • Have you ever experienced physical complications resulting from your eating disorder?
  • Do other people’s comments about your drinking or drugging anger you?
  • Are you preoccupied with thoughts of drinking or drugging?
  • Do you drink or drug at socially unacceptable times or in socially unacceptable situations?
  • Do you drink or drug to relieve tension, calm your nerves or make you feel “better”?
  • Do you feel guilt about your drinking or drugging?
  • Do you drink or drug alone or in secret?
  • Have you tried to cut down on your drinking or drugging but failed?
  • Do you avoid social situations where you cannot drink or drug?
  • Have you risked losing your job or family because of your of alcohol or drug use?
  • Do you feel downhearted or “blue” more often than not?
  • Do you cry or feel like crying quite often?
  • Do you battle to sleep at night or get tired for no apparent reason?
  • Have you experienced a loss of appetite or unintentional weight loss?
  • Have you experienced a decreased libido?
  • Are you more irritable than usual?
  • Have you found that you are not enjoying the things that you used to?

If you answered “yes”…

…to any of the questions, it might mean that you have a problem which requires professional help.

For further assistance regarding the use of alcohol or drugs, eating disorders, depression or stress, please do not hesitate to contact your doctor or our trained staff on:

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